Posted on 26 February 2021

Categories: Products

It’s always important to consider the environment when planning your graphic projects, but this doesn’t have to mean recycled products – however,  it’s a good place to start. Here are a selection of our top 10 eco graphics solutions and advice on how to plan your project to benefit both your budget and the planet.


We can help you keep your environmental impact low without compromising on print quality or product longevity with our range of Eco Graphics. With sustainability paramount, we have an eco-friendly material option for most wall graphics and signage applications.



Think economically about materials. No matter what material we’re printing to, there will always be some waste. The print-feed process alone will waste an amount of material at both the beginning an end of each roll-fed run. As a business we already carefully co-ordinate the production process to ensure batches of the same materials are collated where possible. Limiting the range of substrates per project will reduce energy costs, product waste, time and ultimately production costs too. Consider choosing materials that can be used across multiple surfaces and design to maximise the roll width and sheet size.



Future-proof your projects. Whilst it is true that not all products can be recycled, it’s important to consider the durability of the project. Any carbon footprint linked to the process of replacing a recyclable material several times, can be offset with a non-recyclable product that will last for far longer. We have some great products for long term graphics and signage applications that will withstand anything the weather can throw at them.




Our one-piece wallpaper product is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Available in widths of 3000mm and length of up to 50m, we print your wall mural design in one continuous piece with no joins or seams. PVC-Free. Recyclable. Eco One Wall‘s material structure offers a durable and scrub resistant surface, ideal for office, retail and commercial spaces and is B1 fire rated. The backing is an opaque mid-grey which promises to eliminate any show through from existing graphics and wall patterns.




Our recycled Eco Fabric made from 100% waste PET plastic bottles for dye sublimated wall graphics and tension frame systems. Once fitted, our fabric wall coverings are tensioned to create a smooth, seamless finish. Every square metre is made from 10-12 waste PET plastic bottles, meaning for every roll we print, we’re saving over 3,000 bottles from the ocean! Eco Fabric is sustainablePVC-free, recycled and recyclable and looks fantastic!




PrismaFLOOR Eco is 100% Chlorine and Phthalate free, making it a great environmentally friendly flooring solution. This 100-micron product is ideally suited for short to medium term eco graphics, indoor advertising or promotion on flat or slightly curved surfaces. We coat the product with an environmentally friendly, PVC-free laminate that has a clear textured lustre finish that reduces glare and gives PrismaFLOOR Eco its non-slip finish.




This super-durable signage material is perfect for outdoor interpretation signage and eco graphics. Using products that are built to last is an important step is reducing waste and processing costs. Tenshield comes with a 10-year warranty and is renowned for its impressive resistance properties to frost, UV, salt-spray, fire, graffiti and acid – it’s 100% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable signage choice for your project.




This foil-based malleable adhesive graphic is designed to mould around brickwork or textured surfaces for short to medium length outdoor campaigns. Alumigraphics comes in a smooth matt finish for a walls or a textured grippy surfaces for floors and can be installed without professional heating equipment. Alumigraphics can be disposed of using regular aluminium recycling.



Autex Cascade is a 100% polyester fibre and contains a minimum of 45% recycled fibre (from PET plastics). All Autex products are designed to be recycled at the end of their life too and have been verified as low VOC and free from chemical binders making them great for indoor environmental quality (IEQ). The Autex range is GreenRate level A, LCARate Gold and PHD level Platinum certified. Autex Cascade is DeclareSM certified to be Red List free and can be used in Living Building Challenge projects.




This premium product delivers incredible hi-definition prints with an outstanding resilience to the elements. These eco graphics are built to last boasting scratch resistance, rust proof, lightweight, fire resistant and easy to clean. Chromaluxe panels are available in a range of materials from aluminium (recyclable, part recycled and GreenCircle Certified), steel (recyclable and part recycled), hardboard (recyclable, FSC certified raw material and Formaldehyde-free manufacturing) and MDF (ECC certified and are California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant with no added formaldehyde). The thin, durable polyester coating is receptive to the dye sublimation process and contains no lead, VOCs or other heavy metals or phthalates.




Our revolutionary fabric tension system FabriFrame is designed to be easily updated with new graphics and lasts for years. It is perfect for retail campaigns or similar roll-outs because a new, lightweight fabric can be simply popped in the post and fitted without a trained professional. The polyester fabric is made from 100% recycled PET bottles and the aluminium frame can both be recycled – however the frame can be reused many, many times. It can be mounted onto walls, hung from ceilings or can be a free-standing unit with single of double sided fabric eco graphics.




Beautiful, simple and naturally recyclable and biodegradable, wooden signage is a great choice for indoor and outdoor signage. It can last for years if treated correctly and comes in a wide range of colours and grains. We can print to it, router it, cut it. We source FSC products from trusted suppliers to create stunning displays and wall graphics.




Acrylics aren’t generally considered to be an eco-product but times have changed. Green Cast are the world’s first and only 100% recycled acrylic. They source acrylic scraps and then use a proprietary process that allows them to recover the original solvent (MMA) used for the production of the virgin sheets. Their acrylic has an 8 to 10 times higher resistance to impact than glass, a high UV resistance, bendable and available in a huge range of colours including whites, opals, transparent, smoked and fluorescent.