Eyecatching graphics designed and delivered for Coventry Hospital Charity Hub

Following our successful project on the UHCW Children’s Emergency Department in 2018, we were asked to work on the new and exciting UHCW Hospital Charity Hub. This incredible charity raises funds to deliver projects that fall outside the remit of the government-funded NHS, so we understood the importance of getting them noticed in the hospital’s main entrance. This vital fund-raising space was completely transformed from a plain corridor area to a purpose-built office and drop-in space with vibrant graphics to inspire and grab attention.


Our involvement began before the building work had begun, which allowed to us to contribute our thoughts at a pivotal point in the schedule and plan ahead for the final fit.


Our creative focus was to grab attention in a busy space and inspire visitors and patients across a wide spectrum of abilities. The artwork was developed over a five month period, working closely with their marketing team to fine-tune the final graphics. The design uses real patients, staff and fund-raisers talking about their experiences with the charity to encourage visitors to get involved and be inspired by how their efforts could make a real difference.  We developed an illustrative style to show people raising money in different ways. The characters, who interacted with the environment to add humour and interest, could be found baking cakes, abseiling down doorways or running across plug sockets.


Our professional survey team mapped out windows, doors, socket, lights and fittings, so our studio team could design around them. The end result is a custom graphic designed to fit the wall, down to the smallest detail. Our professional installation team worked over one weekend to avoid peak times in the busy hospital entrance.


It was important that the graphics could be updated by the Hub staff, particularly the fund-raising targets and progress, so our studio team developed a creative method to demonstrate this. We used custom acrylic pockets and clear acrylic units that could be filled with coloured sand to effectively communicate their goals and achievements, keeping the content fresh and new. The three projects shown can be easily updated in the future, the sand tipped away and a new project begun! The concept allows volunteers to choose and see where their efforts are really making a difference.


The front elevation was designed to attract attention from across the busy hospital lobby. Using an on-brand magenta printed wallpaper and our specialist routing machine, we cut-to-shape letters from high-gloss 10mm white acrylic. The text added depth to the flat wall and created a lovely set of shadows beneath, which helped to accentuate the messaging to oncoming visitors.


MX Display produced and delivered these vibrant graphics in a wide variety of substrate solutions across the Hospital Charity Hub, including customised One Wall Wallpaper, Acrylic, Glazing Manifestations, and Vinyl Decals to create this eye-catching space, that will undoubtedly help this fabulous Charity raise more well-needed fund for this NHS Trust.


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We are very excited to open our new Charity Hub which gives us an unmissable presence in the hospital.

– Andrew Meehan, Chairman of UHCW Charity.


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