RePop is a non-PVC, dry-apply window film which is designed to replace traditional ‘static cling’ films by eliminating the application issues associated with PVC films. There are great benefits to RePop as a polyester-based product because it’s doesn’t shrink or curl from heat, can be applied without professional installation and will stay up for as long as necessary without any visual or physical deterioration. The adhesive ‘self-wets’ to flat glass and surfaces upon contact and depending on the size of the graphic, it is possible to apply without any bubbles. If bubbles do appear, they can be easily removed with a squeegee or roller.

Available as both a lightweight white film and optically clear, RePop offers the flexibility to be applied directly by the end-user, allowing them to update and refresh campaigns as often and as quickly as necessary. When the display is changed the film seamlessly peels off without leaving any residue.


  • Retail windows
  • POS glass
  • Promotional labels
  • LED backlit panels
  • Office glazing
  • On-mirror messaging


Benefits of Repop:
  • Simple, quick application
  • Heat and sun resistance
  • Doesn’t curl or shrink like PVC products
  • Better print quality than on PVC products
  • Can be digitally and screen printed
  • No environmental ‘nasties’