Optically Clear window film is an innovative pressure-sensitive solution to high-quality window film. The most impressive features are that it offers an incredible 5 year durability, 98% UV blocking performance, chemical, humidity and even temperature resistance. Optically clear is made up of three physical values which creates a dynamic product. It is top coated in a PUV ultra-clear, scratch resistant gloss, which offers flawless optical clarity. This topcoat is designed to ensure a perfect print definition and adhesion of UV digital inks. Optically clear also offers a clear polyester release liner which has been specifically designed to ensure adhesive smoothness.

Optically clear film can be used in many different industries to suit a wide range of requirements. It is the perfect product to create an eye-catching window display for point-of-sale. It can be used for architectural signage, such as frosting glass for office privacy. Or even exhibition graphics. Optically clear film is a great way to create a unique yet durable feature, with endless benefits.


  • Flat glass
  • Clear windows
  • Decals


  • UV blocking
  • Scratch resistant
  • Optical clarity
  • 5 year durability
  • Chemical resistant
  • Humidity resistant
  • Temperature resistant
  • Excelled print definition
  • Resistance to ooze