When there’s construction work to be done, hoarding provides a helpful screen to block out the mess until the grand unveiling. But we understand that standard builder’s panelling is unsightly and pretty uninspiring. Sutton High School contacted us to upgrade their grey panels with some bright and vibrant hoarding graphics, that reflected the school’s values. There was just one small problem… They needed it fast!


It was Friday afternoon and they had an important Open Day the following Saturday. They saw the opportunity to liven up the grey walls with something much more aspirational – hoarding graphics that would communicate an important message about the school and its values. A speedy Zoom call with one of our Senior Creatives and Account Directors helped our client explain what they needed and to plan the week ahead.




Monday morning was an early start. Heading to South London to measure over 56 metres of grey hoarding. The undulating floor levels made the planning more tricky. The studio team had to plan their designs to accommodate the ground levels and ensure the artwork was seamless. The site-survey documents were sent back to the office so the Creative Team could work their magic.




Sutton High School provided wonderful brand resources and photography, which helped our designers build the artwork. The powerful blend of professional photographs and colourful paint strokes, paired with bold block colours and brand statements created a truly magnificent design. We even incorporated useful way finding information too! Our talented studio team created all the stunning hoarding graphics and prepped for print in just two days. Our proofing process is easy, a simple document showed the run of each hoarding section, which made it easy for the client to understand and confident to sign-off on Wednesday morning.




On Wednesday afternoon, we printed the artwork on 3mm dibond. A stable and durable outdoor sheet material, which loves our vibrant print and will resist the British weather. Our UV cured ink provides excellent resilience and unrivalled vibrancy for hoarding graphics such as these. Once printed the panels were packed and labelled ready for installation.



We sent a team of four to Sutton to arrive early on Friday morning, ready for a full day. With an audience of students who were keen to take selfies with the new hoarding graphics, the fitting team completed all panels by 4pm.  We hand-painted each screw head to match the artwork using specially mixed, brand colour paint. Our attention to detail sets us apart and delivers exceptional results.




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It looks amazing, thank you so much

Nigel McMahon