MX Display ‘ex-seeds’ expectations with RAGT transformation

We teamed-up with award-winning agency, Dupree International, to help give the offices one of Europe’s leading seeds businesses, a complete refresh with a vibrant and contemporary look and feel.


RAGT was founded in 1919, with premises right across Europe, and we were tasked with transforming the bland walls, doors and corridors of its Essex-based operation – creating a more welcoming and inviting working environment for RAGT’s employees and visitors to enjoy.


As an alternative to a traditional wallpaper, our customisable FabriGrab™ solution was chosen for the long uninspiring corridor walls, as it provides seamless coverage, hiding any existing imperfections of the walls behind.


Custom-designed vinyl was used to add branded graphics and wayfinding signage to the doors, and a number of bespoke FabriFrame™ solutions were installed to house wall-mounted digital screens.


The space took just two days for our expert installers to complete, and is almost unrecognisable from what it looked like before. The feedback from RAGT has been incredible – take a look at the before and after photos below.



"I could wax lyrical about the many positive aspects of MX Display but one of their key attributes is helping agencies deliver amazing work, on budgets that you wouldn’t dream possible. Their willingness to work with you, using their vast experience to advise and suggest, allows you to fulfil a difficult brief and budget.”

Andy Wright, Creative Director - Dupree International




Seamless coverage to hide existing wall imperfections

Suitability: Indoor



Customisable fabric display solution

Suitability: Indoor


Door vinyls

High-impact designs, to incorporate wayfinding signage

Suitability: Indoor and outdoor