Marketing Derby approached us to design and create the initial concept for their upcoming 'Made in UK' exhibition, to be held in Liverpool. They had some ideas about what they wanted to include, but the rest was up for discussion.

Our team designed a highly bespoke, tensioned fabric system, which included a lighting rig and exhibit plinths. The custom-built stand was
complemented by a garden shed that housed a television with a promotional film, which added a quirky undertone to the feel of the exhibition.

This page explores the process and production of this huge fabric display piece, along with the custom elements that completed this project.

MX Display created a stunning design printed onto fabric that fully captured the proud manufacturing heritage of the city and exciting plans for the future.

The whole team at MX Display, from design to installation, were a pleasure to work with producing an exhibition stand with maximum impact and within budget we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Andrew Lowe

Marketing Derby

We produced several designs in order to truly encapsulate our client's vision for the project. The museum-style exhibits were a fundamental part of the concept and had to be well lit, but the stand also had to tell a story without being too formulaic.

We worked with the client to develop the design. This naturally evolved with the job as elements were added or removed.

Our talented and highly-skilled fabric technicians calculate the stretch and shrinkage of the fabric before printing it. This step was integral to the project, as panels had to line up to form a continuous 21 metre image.

We printed the three-metre high design in eight sections. At this point, the colours aren't fully sublimated and appear muted. Only when the fabric is calendared will the colours be bright and vibrant.
The heating process brings out the colours and seals the ink within the fabric.

A silicon bead is affixed/sewn to the edge of the fabric to securely fasten it to the aluminium framework.

We constructed the complete 24 metre-wide stand on our premises to test that the fabrics lined up correctly.
We use white gloves to protect the fabric and to ensure its cleanliness during this critical stage.

From concept to completion, we can manage your project. Just talk to us about your requirements and we’ll discuss the options available.

Tim Pugh

Account Director