We were very excited to be a part of a structural re-design of Ashby School which included a range of school wayfinding and exciting interior wall graphics in the Maths and Science departments.


Blueprint Interiors commissioned us to help with an exciting project to update the interior walls and wayfinding within Ashby School. As part of the project, we were invited to print and install a number of external signs and finger posts to effectively direct visitors and students.


Internally, we advised how to best display a colourful periodic table in the Science Department. We used various depths of Foamex to create a fabulous 3D effect of the various group elements. Covering a whole wall, the periodic table was colourful and really made a difference to what was, a blank wall.


The science stairwell was covered in a spectacular image of the solar system to bring to life the planets and their orbital journeys. Just walking up and down the stairs, the impact was incredible, ceiling-high images have really made a big difference, opening out areas and adding an educational element.


Externally, we installed a suite of colourful department signs, finger posts and slat systems to guide visitors, students and staff. These were all colour-coded to their specific department, aligned with the over-arching school wayfinding strategy.


Wayfinding is an important factor to help guide visitors entering the premises and also allowing effective flow of students around such a big site. With schools using budgets wisely to update walls with graphics, without the need to completely demolish buildings, is an indication of how the industry is changing.


Overall, it was a great proposal to be involved with and we thoroughly enjoyed working with all parties to develop, print and install this incredible project.



If you’d like us to help you with your school wayfinding project, give our team a call today on 01332 613900 or fill in the form below!


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