Totem signs are large freestanding structures designed to deliver highly visible identity for your brand in conjunction with providing wayfinding information. A totem sign can provide vital information for your visitors with an opportunity to advertise your brand externally.


Totem signs can be made in a variety of profiles, materials and in a range of finishes, meaning we can create something completely unique to your brand. Our totem signs also have an option to be internally illuminated taking your company image to another level.



  • retail outlets
  • entrances
  • events
  • school entrance
  • visitor attraction sites


  • different profiles available
  • a range of finishes
  • different materials available
  • wayfinding for visitors
  • illuminated options


If you would like to know about our range of Totem Signage, then please call us on 01332 613900, alternatively, you can fill out the form below.