Polycril is a great wall covering solution that is 100% blockout, to hide whatever may lie beneath. Its canvas texture gives it a soft, non-reflective quality for premium feel walls in homes, offices, stores and restaurants, plus many others. This superb product is designed to be fitted as a one-piece wall covering system so there’ll be no need to line up seams every 52cm like standard wallpaper.


With a printable width of 3.1 metres, it can cover a standard 2.4m x 4m room with just one sheet. Polycril has a B1 fire retardancy rate and is made from non-PVC materials which means it is 100% recyclable and an ideal environmentally friendly solution.


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We worked with nChain in Central London to transform their office space. Their bitcoin business centred around their algorithm which we used to create a bespoke wallpaper design. The handwritten code was converted into digital artwork and printed direct to the Polycril in white ink.


The results were a custom-made pattern based on their own algorithms that was brilliantly clear in bright light and subtle in low lights. The design contrasted with the bold geometric triangles that made up the rest of the design.


You can see more of this project in the nChain case study.


Polycril has a wonderful texture that resembles a stretched canvas. This helps reduce the glare than you might find with a smooth finish like vinyl. The Polycril finish also helps diminish uneven surfaces such as bumps in the plasterwork or filler.


If you are concerned about covering a poor surface or existing design, Polycril is black-backed and offers 100% blockout. This is ideal for covering old wallpaper, grafitti or scuffed walls.


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  • Office walls
  • Education settings such as schools, colleges and universities
  • Retail and popup shops
  • Restaurants, bars and hotels
  • Property and Construction
  • Healthcare, care homes and residential walls
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • One-off events
  • Wall mural effect
  • Theatre and stage backdrops


  • Custom printed wallpaper
  • One-piece wallpaper with no seams
  • Canvas textured
  • Vibrant, detailed print
  • Printable width of 3.1 metres to whatever length you require
  • B1 fire retardancy rating
  • Fully blockout
  • Fully recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly, non PVC.