Interior Cladding material applied to a wall is a great way to transform any space. Using a wide range of techniques, materials and finishes we will work with you to plan, design and install the complete solution.
Often wall surfaces can look tired or are not suitable for a proposed creative design, the solution to this is to look at how you can change the makeup of the surface to accommodate your needs.
As an example if you want to put illuminated displays up on a wall but have no way to hide the wiring we can build the wall out to include a cavity for this and then finish with a completely new surface such as acrylic or printable MDF. The beauty of this means you are no longer constrained by existing surfaces as we can create completely new ones! Using a combination of finishes and textures we can create eye catching spaces that impress and offer that real wow factor.
Our team of designers can discuss materials and finishing techniques with you to ensure you get the finish you’re after, we can attend site visits to assess best methods for install then once the design is approved and you’re happy with the proposed finishes we’ll move into production planning and scheduling. Once everything has been confirmed we’ll then move into the final stage, installation  where you’re vision becomes a reality.
Check out our Vaillant Case Study in which we employed innovative techniques using acrylic, LEDs and fabrics to reinvigorate a tired production entrance space.


  • Uneven walls
  • Plastic walls with dividing strips
  • Walls in dirty environments
  • Plyboard walls
  • Wood-chip wallpaper
  • Cover unused windows


  • Add texture to compliment a graphically ‘busy’ wall
  • Hides poor quality walls
  • Removeable
  • Can hide wiring
  • Can can be routed to add subtle detail