Derby Law School invited us to design a range of wall graphics and wayfinding solutions within their brand new building in the heart of the city.

We mounted cut stainless steel floor names with directional arrows directly to the wall in the stairwells with brand-orange vinyl text beneath.

Steve Robinson

Installations Manager

We used an eclectic mix of cut stainless steel and edge-lit acrylics for the wayfinding strategy. Each of the six levels has a 'Floor Summary' made from a sandwich of orange edge-lit acrylic and hi-gloss white perspex. The combination is reversed to 'pick-out' each relevant floor number to create stunning results.

The ground floor 'Hub' is home to several offices, all requiring varying levels of privacy. Some street-side offices needed full privacy, whilst internal meeting rooms adopted a cut-dusted design.
Our concept for this area and the boardroom wallpaper, was based on the document that began the foundation for English law in 1215 AD, the Great Charter; Magna Carta. The use of this famous text reflects the building's historical location and connects with the Law School's primary function. Pages of this historical document were vectorised and retouched to create intricate cut-paths for window film and wall coverings.

Simple dusted window film can be used to create privacy whilst still allowing natural, diffused light into the room.

Lauren Sharpe

Account Manager