The hugely successful Flamingo Land resort in North Yorkshire had a wide range of wayfinding graphics that had evolved over many years. This approach can often lead to a mismatch of styles and colours, which in turn, can create an inconsistent brand feel and general confusion for visitors.

We identified several problem areas and developed a strategy for them to follow that promised consistency and clarity for both their brand and their visitors.

We designed a colour scheme and bespoke set of icons that complemented their brand, whilst also recommending a suitable typeface family that provided legibility and clarity for their visitors.

Emma Duerden

Senior Creative

Once our designs were approved, our project team managed the busy schedule of manufacturing, printing and installing of over two-hundred signs over a period of only three weeks.

Totems were produced using a wood-effect powder coated base with blue and navy wayfinding information, large enough for both pedestrians and drivers to read.
Different styles of sign were used for the main theme park and the accommodation site, as we were talking to a different audience. The park was all about fast rides and exciting noises so the signs reflected this. The holiday resort had a beautiful countryside backdrop so we used more natural colours and materials.

Locally sourced Yorkshire Stone was carved and mounted with a slate disc at the entrance to each accommodation area.

Dave Lister

Sales Director